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Welcome to
My Time Bag!
Love, Aunt Peri

Welcome to My Time Bag! We know you are a BOLD and beautiful trailblazer.  We offer you, GRAB and GO My Time Bags to empower you on your life journey.

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My Time Bag

At My Time, we understand that your time in the restroom is your private time.  We strive to make it a luxury experience for you beautiful.


Welcome to My Time: My Period Bag (MPB)

At My Time, My Period Bag, we embrace everything that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. My Time provides you with the luxury experience during your period, Aunt Peri Perimenopause, and Menopause that you deserve. Because lets be honest, YOU ARE ENOUGH PERIOD.

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No More Accidents with Cycle Cutches: 6 Essential Products 


“I AM ENOUGH PERIOD.” Sarabella Johnson 🩸

“No More Accidents Period”🩸Period Protection for All, 🩸1st Period Kit, Time of the Month Kit,🩸Period Aid Just in Case Menstrual Protection Bag,🩸The Bag for Your Pretty Period #PrettyPeriod #MyPeriodBagUgh #MyPeridBag #NoMoreAccidents #MyBag #MonthlyMustHaves